My Favorite Types of Pizza

One of my favorite foods is pizza. It’s so versatile, and there are so many different ways to prepare it. There are various styles of crust, such as thin, deep-dish, thick, and cheese-filled. Just about any type of food can reasonably be converted into a pizza topping. The versatility of pizza is what gave Claire and me the idea to try out a different type of pizza every week.

New York style pizza
Probably my favorite style of pizza is New York style. It’s delicious and fun to eat. We stopped at this cool little pizza shop on our way through New York one time. Neither of us can remember the name of it or where it was located anymore, but we do remember that the pizza was really good and different from others that we tried before.
The great thing about New York style pizza is the whole culture surrounding it. New Yorkers are very prideful about this style of pizza, and with good reason. There’s even a correct and incorrect way of eating it. The crust is very thin and has a very particular consistency. As well, the slices are very big, so that you need to fold it in half from the edge and fold it in one hand as you eat it.

Grilled pizza
Yeah, that’s not a typo. I wasn’t even aware that grilling a pizza was a thing when we first discovered the recipe. I suppose since I had grown up on thick crusted pizza, it had never occurred to me that you could grill a pizza. Honestly, I thought it sounded silly when I first heard about it. However, we had made a promise to try something new every week, and this was very different than what we were used to eating.

I fired up the grill, got the coals piping hot, and Claire put the dough on. We followed the recipe and our first attempt burned a little bit. This was our first time, and we had prepared enough dough to make five pizzas. Our second attempt was more successful, and I was surprised to say the zucchini, eggplant, and peppers created a crispy, smoky and, healthy pizza. We’ve definitely had it a few more times since then.

Barbecue chicken pizza
Okay, this one just sounded weird. I’m sure many of you can agree that replacing the marinara sauce with barbecue sauce sounds like a recipe for disaster. Well to those unconverted to the delicious reality of barbecue chicken pizza, allow me, a convert, to inform you that it is amazing. It’s now one of my favorite types of pizza, and I’ve found that a surprising number of pizzerias offer it, including Pacific Pizza & Brew, where you can get some of the best pizza in Bend, Oregon I wonder why no one has told me about it before.

For this pizza, essentially, you follow the recipe for any other normal type of pizza you’d be making. On my favorite medium-sized crust, it’s amazing. You simply replace spreading marinara on the pizza with barbecue sauce and prepare the chicken in your favorite way and make sure it’s fully cooked before adding to your pizza. I personally like Jamaican jerk chicken on my barbecue pizza.

These are a few of the types we’ve tried more recently, but we’re always looking for a new combination of crust, toppings, and preparation styles to try.