The Concise Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money From a Blog

Many people assume blogging is more of a fad hobby than an actual career. But there are those who know know a way to make higher than 6 figure annually. Here are their simple steps to building a lucrative blog that will support your passion.

Step 1 – Setup the Blog

Step 2 – Create content that generates lots of traffic.

Step 3 – Convert the visitors you find to email subscribers

Step 4 – Send lots of awesome content to subscribers that builds their confidence.

Step 5 –  Sell products and services your readers will find valuable

Simple as that 5 easy steps! The catch? This initial will require nerves of steel and a mind for business to get right. Especially that last step. How will you know if you are to sell your own products or make money from selling other products? If you will sell other’s how will you choose?

The options you have are selling specific things, types of things or maybe you don’t even have things to sell, what happens then?

The most conventional and also the least profitable way of making money through a blog is by trying to selling advertising for other people’s products. Companies will pay you to promote their products to the audience of your blog for a specific price.

There is also the option of becoming an affiliate of another company and thereby make a small commission every time one of your readers purchases a product or service.  

Decisions, decisions, what to do from here? Before you begin choosing you need to understand something about this decision you are making. You can’t think of yourself as a blogger when making this choice. Blogging is now your “small business” and you are now an entrepreneur.

You have heard of financial planners that hold seminars to find potential clients? This is sort of what you will be doing. You are giving away your perspective, tone and experience in an effort of grabbing at potential clients that will give you their trust and soon their custom.

When you look at it like this, if you hope to make money your jobs are to:

A- Create a blog that will work like a lead generator

B-Nurture these leads until they are ready to make a purchase.

This is where your plans to write puff stories about ponies and horseback riding will need a solid steel core and guidance from a  business mind if you hope to make real money. If you want to just blog without this type of strategizing, don’t expect to make a lot of cash off it.

Actually, I have never seen a profitable blogging campaign that took less than 3 years before it began to make serious cash. Furthermore, you are likely to fail at your first one or two vblogs before you hit that sweet spot.

The point that I am trying to make is that starting a successful blog will be like starting an actual business.

In Conclusion — Can you get Really Rich from this?

Well, yes it is possible, but it is also possible to fail epically. As any entrepreneur could tell you about these high risk/ high reward projects you will need specific skills, work ethic and even some luck to make it too the top.

This is not to discourage you from trying, if anything this perspective should help you find the best route to reaching the top.